Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"All About Me" Hosted By: FeliciaB84

Assignment 1: Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde (Best and Worst Traits) [3rd with 376.5/400]

Family Oriented

Assignment 2: My Best Friend [Tied for 2nd with 190/200](Crowd Favorite)

Assignment 3: Beautiful Baby [Tied for 3rd with 143/150]

Assignment 4: Life Time Wish [3rd? with 144/150]

Assignment 5: Winning Lotto [4th with 188/200]

Assignment 6: Favorite Room [4th  with 97/100]

Assignment 7: Super Me [ with /]

Assignment 8: Family Reunion [ with /]

Assignment 9: Berry Self [5th with 94/100]

Assignment 10: Old Me[Tie for 2nd with 49/50]

3rd Overall/4th Crowd Favorite

Reflections: This comp was a fun but sometimes trying comp
to be in. I found it much harder to make pics since
they were dealing with real life rather than the fiction I
usually associate with Sims. Competition was fierce but spot on. And I found
some new friends while competeing! 

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