Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Casting Call - Hosted by Minraed

This competition follows your Sim as they go auditions. It involves role playing, set/wardrobe design, and creative writing.

Audition One: Sim bang Theory -

“No, no, B. It’s fine really. Thanks for the call. Bye.” Debbie hung up the phone with her agent. She had two hours to throw an outfit she considered “geeky-chic” together and be on set to read through a few lines. Crap, she thought.


“Well I am the one who came up with the plan, so I should be the first to meet him.” Debbie plopped the laundry basket on the floor and turned to look at her best friend, Melissa.
“I firmly believe it doesn’t matter who is first to meet him. Please recall Plato’s first law of affinity. That like tend toward like.” Melissa smiles triumphantly.
“You know that it’s talking about chemical components, not people, Miss Smarty Pants.”
 “You challenge my intelligence while you are about to wash a load of already clean clothing?”
“I told you, he’s bound to come down here to wash clothes since he’s been here almost aweek. And as this is our third trip down here, I ran out of dirty clothes.”
“Deb, I was thinking. Maybe -” Melissa is cut short by Debbie’s sudden gasp.
“There he is.Oh my Lord, he is an even better specimen of male hotness up close.”
Both girls move forward to greet him and awkwardly bump into each other.
“Mel, we need to settle this like the intelligent human beings that we are.”
“Paper, Rock, Scissors?”
“Of course.”
As Melissa prepares for the rigorous battle of Paper, Rock, Scissors, Deb did an abrupt about-face. Intending to march over to Professor Hottie while Mel  was distracted, Deb took a huge step forward … and plowed right into their new neighbor!

Director's Notes: Debbie was noticed for cuteness and witty story.

Audition Two: Sim Blood -

“I got noticed for my cuteness?” Debbie rolled her eyes as B continued to read the review given by the directors. “I want something that is going to show I have some real talent, B. I heard they are having auditions for that new HBO show, SIM Blood. Can you get me in?” A sinister smile spreads across Debbie’s face.“Oh you can believe I will be bringing my A-game. Thanks so much, B. You’re a doll. Buh-bye now.” After laying her cell phone on her dresser, Debbie walked to her closet and began rubbing her hands together in glee.


Grant crept closer to the clearing. He felt the hair on his arms stand on end as he watched Debbie step into the middle of the stone formation. He could barely make out the words his mysterious new neighbor was whispering.
Debbie began the ancient chant. “To Luna I call on this night, to protect me for this rite.”Her voice took on a sing-song rhythm as the rest of the words flowed from her mouth.
 What the hell was she doing? Grant wondered as the night settled around him. Perhaps the rumors are true and Debbie Kliene really is a witch. Stranger beings have been climbing out of the unknown here lately. He should be worried or scared even. But all he could think about was the way she seemed to glow in the moonlight. God, what a beautiful body! Grant began to imagine his hands sliding over her luscious curves. I bet her skin would feel like silk, he thought to himself.
“I usually enjoy working skyclad on such beautiful nights. But if I had known I was to have an audience, I would have left my robe on.” Grant jumped as he realized she knew he had been watching. Embarrassment warred with lust inside of him. Debbie turned, allowing Grant the slightest glimpse of her breast causing his brain to short-circuit. “Perhaps you will be a gentleman and look away as I retrieve it?”

Director's Notes: